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"…. Thanks to you, we had the perfect weekend... We get along and complement each other really well.   She is so nice and we've gotten more comfortable with each other each time we meet.   I have to give props to you because the icing on the cake was the suggested foot soak and foot massage on Sunday morning. "

-- Chris


“I can honestly say this these are some of the happiest days of my life. She is amazing and she gets me, it just does not get any better than this!”



"Had a fabulous time last night! The restaurant was a great choice.  We ended up walking after dinner and having a nightcap.  We have a lot in common, and the conversation was nonstop - we ended up talking for hours. We both joked that we were questioning the early dinner reservation, but were glad in the end because we ended up staying out late enough that we closed down the joint. "



"I wanted to thank you for introducing me to John.  We have been dating for almost a year now and are very much in love!  He is so sweet, kind, thoughtful, capable and fun.  And we share so much in common; boating, biking, our kids, dogs, cooking and puttering about.  We fit together.  Thank you for this.  So, your sailor is no longer single! "



“I really enjoyed meeting with Jill.   She has a special quality that combines sincerity, charm, wisdom and humor.  She is  just delightful.”



“Thanks for the great suggestions. I am not sure where things are going but I met someone. We are dating which is way more than I have done since my husband died. So thank you again for expanding my network!”



"Thank you both so much for meeting with me yesterday.  I really enjoyed talking to you and sharing a bit of my story.  It is always so great meeting amazing, smart, and interesting women!  I look forward to working with you and seeing what is out there in my future. "

-- Dan


“The whole thing with him is just terrific.  He is a sweetheart and very easy to be with.  He met one of my sons who was home and it was very pleasant.  We are very happy knowing each other and having a really wonderful time.”



“I feel very excited about this new venture,  and really reassured about the process you go through and the time you take to make sure there are no surprises.  I’m no longer nervous at all about ‘getting out there’ because I am confident that as my guides you will be so helpful and supportive.”



“Hey Jill, On this Valentines Day, I just wanted to Thank You again for finding me the LOVE of my life! Hope to see you soon!”