• Jill Hinckley

The Adventure of Love!

As time goes on, we tend to get very set in our ways. We have kids, pets, jobs and often very busy schedules. Life can feel like it’s completely full. How on earth, you might ask yourself, am I going to fit in one more thing?

If having a special someone is something that you’re hoping for, it’s important to figure out ways to carve out time to find that person and then have time to spend with them.

When I first met my husband, Sandy, he lived in Boston, and I lived in Southwest Harbor, ME (5 hours away). We became friends immediately. I loved his laugh and he thought I was pretty fun too.  He was cute, we had a lot in common, but he was also geographically undesirable.

One day he mentioned that if I were ever in the Boston area, he would like to take me out to dinner. At first I thought to myself, how cool is that, but it will never happen. Then I started thinking, what have I got to lose? Maybe this could be a fun adventure, but when am I going to have the time to go to Boston? I was divorced, working full time, and had two kids at home. After pondering the invitation, I finally decided to go for it! I drove down to Boston, we had our first date; it was amazing! We talked for hours about our families and our interests. He didn’t know this at the time, but after dinner I drove back to Maine. It was actually great to have time alone in my car to think about whether or not this relationship had any chance of going anywhere.

Fast forward, 18 years later, the adventure continues. Initially, I moved to Boston with my kids and after ten years in the Boston area, I convinced him to move to Maine. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I had decided not to drive to Boston on that day 18 years ago!

My point is that it’s perfect when you find someone that fits perfectly into your life, but as we all know, we don’t live in a perfect world. It’s very likely that your best match is not perfectly aligned with your life; so don’t give up on an amazing opportunity just because it isn’t all lined up! Part of the fun of a great relationship is working together to create a new beginning for both of you.

Happy adventures!