• Jill Hinckley

Ready to Date?

So, you’re ready to dip back into the dating world? We are so excited for you - and we have your back! That said, there are a few things you should make sure you have in line before you hit the scene. Matchmaking can be a truly beautiful way to meet your next partner, but the experience won’t give you the benefits you want if you haven’t done your own legwork. Take a read through this checklist to see if you’ve got them all covered.

Do you have quality photos of you?

Listen, we don’t mean you need to stage a full-scale photo shoot or hire a fancy production team. However, your potential dates are going to want to be able to see what you look like. Here’s what we mean by “quality”


We love your throwback photos from decades past - really, we do - but they’re not the best choice for your dating profiles. You want to paint a realistic picture of who you are when you’re dating, and what you look like is a piece of the puzzle. Again, this doesn’t mean you need stage a massive overhaul. Invest in some basic headshots or ask a friend to take a photo of you. Smile, look into the camera...the rest of the work will do itself. Not overly filtered or retouched.We’re not saying you can’t do a bit of retouching and tweaking to your photos. But, you should refrain from adding any overly intense filters. Going back to our point that people should be able to really tell what you look like, don’t do any massive photo retouching either. Everyone is attractive in their own way, so let what you’ve got shine through.

Clear quality:

Hello? Is that a person or a tree? Dark, blurry photos simply won’t do. Mobile phones these days often have very high-quality cameras, so take advantage. Try to shoot during the daylight whenever possible. All of your photos should be of you looking friendly, inviting and - totally clear! In addition, try to show your face as much as possible. While a great hat and sunglasses have major cool factor, they obscure your features.


Not every photo is created equal. Whether or not a photo is flattering is largely a matter of opinion, but use your best judgment here. You wouldn’t want to showcase images of you from a low angle or sitting in a strange position.

Conversation Starters:

Photos can be a great way to share more about yourself before you even begin your conversation with a potential date or partner. Share images of you participating in your favorite hobby or on a vacation you loved. You never know what you might have in common!

Is your social media presentable?

Social media can be a great way for you to express yourself. While we are all about that, be sure that all of your social profiles are an accurate reflection of you. To do this, complete a social media “audit” for yourself. Is what you’re showing online representative of who you are today?

For example, take a look through the groups you belong to on Facebook. You might be associating yourself with a cause or hobby that you don’t necessarily agree with now. Delete or hide old, low-quality photos from your page. Make sure your online self is someone you would want to go on a date with. Also, it's probably not a great idea to have pictures of your ex-boyfriend on your page.

Are you emotionally ready?

This is a tough one. We all carry baggage - it is part of being a human. But make sure before you step into dating that your heart and head are in it. This will be unique for everyone, and only you can really know if you’re there.

Have you researched online options?

Before coming to matchmaking, check out some of the online dating sites. These websites can be a great way to dip a toe into the dating pool and expand your prospects. We recommend having profiles on at least a few of these sites and/or apps.

Are you making time in your schedule to date?

You may THINK you want to date, but in fact, you’re not making the time. We all lead incredibly busy lives, so trust us when we say - we get it. However, in order to go on dates, you need to make room in your schedule. Feel free to get creative this one - maybe mornings will work well for you, or you stick to weekend evenings. In any event, make your self available so that your future partner can actually get to know you!

All of these questions are not to scare you, but rather to empower you to take the dating world by storm. You’ve got all that it takes, and we are here to support you.